Seniors Exercise Better with B3 Bands

Combat Muscle Atrophy, Increase Strength, Live BETTER!

Walking with B3 Bands

Walk anywhere with B3 Bands: indoors, outdoors, at work, at the airport, on vacation.

Turns light walking into vigorous exercise.

Stimulates Growth Hormone, Nitric Oxide and VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor).

If you can go for a walk, you can use B3 Bands!

Beginner and Advanced Walking Program 

Strength Training and Cardio with B3 Bands

Building Strength and Muscle as a senior is now easy with B3 Bands! No more trying to lift heavy weights... no more pain... no more soreness. Lift light weights and build muscle fast with B3 Bands!

B3 3 Minute Arms for Seniors

B3 Full Body for Seniors

B3 Senior Swimming

BFR Studies and Peer Reviews